We just need a few things from you first…

1  The birthdate of the principle residents (no more than 2) and their first names. The phone number and which App you would like to use. (Skype, WhatsApp or FaceTime).

2  You send us the floorplans of the first and second floor of your home. (It doesn’t have to be perfectly to scale).

3  Pictures of the front and back of the home from the interior and exterior. If you wish to send shots of different rooms, you can include those too. (It all helps).

4  A list of your three most important goals or areas in your life where you would like to see change.

5  A payment by email of $188.

We will contact you to arrange a convenient day and time for your exciting, professional, Virtual Feng Shui Consultation.

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Feng Shui Practitioner Certificate Program

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Feng Shui Virtual Consultation

Let’s Get Started!

Virtual Feng Shui Home Consultation

In 1 hour you can get your own custom consultation from one our Certified Feng Shui Practitioners via Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp

Lets Get Started!

 A virtual Feng Shui consultation is much easier than you think and can accommodate anyone in the world. You can text or email your floor plan images, interior and exterior pictures of your office and home and then you can give us a TOUR of your space visually though your phone or tablet using WhatsApp, FaceTime or Skype.

When you book an appointment, you give us a tour through your home or office together and while we see your space we address your concerns through each room.

Whether it is redesigning your home-office to boost more productivity and sales, redesigning your master bedroom to get better rest or you may simply want to know the best place in your space to receive the most positive energy for eating, reading or watching TV.  We can help you get more focused and organized in your space, which creates more opportunities and can greatly boost your self-esteem. Do you need help with your relationship? We can help you there too by offering suggestions on optimal colours, shapes of objects and placement of items.

The end result is an optimum environment that can greatly enhance your well-being by optimizing key areas and creating an environment that helps to support your overall goals.

What you get:

A One-hour virtual consultation from one of our Certified Feng Shui Consultants with over 10 years experience of successful International consulting for homes, businesses and commercial spaces.  They will speak to you first for 15 minutes first about what you would like most out of the consultation before the hour starts.  (So you really get more than an hour with our consultant!)

Recommendations on the three most important goals you would like to achieve in your life, home or office. What would that be? Family harmony, romantic success, a new job or career, less stress or better finances?

A detailed evaluation of how to clear negative energy, boost stale energy and enhance positive energy so you and your family can experience all the best life can offer.

Solutions to unbalanced rooms or spaces so positive energy will flow more consistently and harmoniously.

An evaluation is done on the colors and lighting in your space along with suggestion on what is clutter and how to deal with it.

The main entrance is one of the most important areas of your home. They will let you know if your home is welcoming in the positive energy from beneficial nature outside or if that essential energy is bypassing your home altogether.
Is your home or office life affirming and supports good health, success,  love and peace,  or is it a draining and challenging place to live and work, which impedes your ability to manifest your fullest potential? 

Don’t wait for your life to get better when you can give it a shot of adrenaline right now!