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Our concepts come from the ancient Eastern philosophies and we have custom blended them for easy Western learning and living.


Since we opened our doors in 2004 we have never stopped developing new and exciting courses for the modern North American market. Thousands of students have enriched their lives through our easy but highly effect programs.  See what interests you!

Our highly knowledgeable teachers and consultants expertly work with the ancient concepts to help you reach your goals whatever your budget!.

Canadian Schools of Feng Shui has the most comprehensive programs in North America

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Meet Our Director

Hello and Welcome! 

As a child I was intrigued with how things worked and why.  An answer I would often hear was "that's just the way it is" which wouldn't satisfy me. I still had to know why and how.

While enjoying a successful career in real estate, I noticed there were some homes that wouldn't sell even though they were priced right and well decorated. Also, I knew I felt different in various homes and it didn't really matter on the size, look or the price. I just felt "welcomed" or more relaxed in some more than others. When I started to study Feng Shui and apply it to the houses I was selling, my real estate business really took off!  After appying it to my own home, my family and I were soon enjoying the harmonious atmosphere and happy successful lifestyles.

I couldn't stop there. I was fascinated and had to know everything I could about Feng Shui. I bought many books, attended many courses and flew around the world to be taught by international teachers and masters. With this extensive knowledge I started a highly successful consulting business on my own and opened the Canadian Schools of Feng Shui so that others could benefit from this amazing knowledge.  Since then, we have had thousands of students graduate from our various programs and many years of continued success.  Come join us in this fun, educational and life-changing experience and enjoy immediate benefits in your life and career.

                             -  Sharon Hay, Founder, Director, Feng Shui Master

Feng Shui for Life

 Canadian Schools of Feng Shui offers courses to enhance your current career. Add Feng Shui to your skill-set if you are a Realtor, home-stager, naturopath or  healer.   read more